As a non-profit organization, your tax-deductible donations and contributions help us develop educational programs, maintain the historic Burwell-Morgan Mill, and preserve our historical archives.  There are several ways you can support CCHA:


Your gift to the museum’s operating fund helps us continue to develop engaging public programs, as well as protect and preserve our vast historical collections.  

Your gift supports:
-Educational program development
-Archival materials to protect our historic collections
-Hands-on history materials for children of all ages
-Paid internships for university students

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The COVID-19 pandemic created a budget shortfall that greatly affected our operations, as well as the maintenance of the Burwell-Morgan Mill.  A Burwell-Morgan Mill sponsorship at one of five giving levels will help us make up this budget shortfall and fulfill our mission. 

Your Burwell-Morgan Mill sponsorship supports:
-General maintenance of the Burwell-Morgan Mill
-Daily operating budget
-Development of exhibitions at both the museum and the Burwell-Morgan Mill

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The Burwell-Morgan Mill is the crown jewel of the Clarke County Historical Association with generations telling countless stories about their experiences at the Mill. However, maintaining this iconic historic structure presents financial challenges. Through our Legacy Stone Campaign, you can help us preserve the Mill for future generations so that more experience can be shared.  For a pledge of $5,000, we will add your plaque onto our Legacy Stone that will be displayed in perpetuity at the Mill.  These plaques are a great way to honor family members and friends.   Contributions can be made through the donation of stocks.  Three-year payment plans of $1,667 per year are also accepted.  All proceeds go directly towards capital projects at the Burwell-Morgan Mill which include maintenance of the mill race, replacement of a beam over the water wheel, and stabilization of the Mill dam.  

For more information on how you can become a Legacy Stone donor, please contact our Director, Nathan Stalvey, at 540-955-2600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.